Mobile Web Design

The Mobile Age is Upon Us – Is Your Website Ready?

Did you know that mobile devices connected to the Internet are set to outnumber both desktop and laptop computers by 2013? That’s why it’s critical to have a “mobile friendly” website for your company today.

The trend is moving toward a faster, more accessible Web that anyone can use anywhere. In the years ahead, consumers will no longer see mobile-optimized websites as a novelty – it will become an expectation.

If you don’t get the jump on the mobile Web, it will evolve with or without you. Don’t leave your business in the dust with a lackluster website that reeks of 2008. Get mobile and increase your potential leads and sales before your competitors beat you to it.

Mobile Devices are the Future

Before we delve into the importance of creating a mobile-friendly version of your company’s website, consider these fun facts from a Forbes article about the future of mobile:

Mobile Web Usage Statistics

Mobile technology is still a new and relatively unexplored frontier. Businesses spanning from corporate titans to local mom-and-pop shops are all struggling in tandem to figure out the uncharted waters as fast as humanly possible.

Based on the above stats, however, one thing is abundantly clear: mobile searchers are not just browsing. They’re on the go, and they’re looking for something specific – and fast. If you want to be the answer they’re looking for, you need to make sure you have a well-designed, lightning-fast, mobile-optimized website ready to go.

Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

It may seem harder than it actually is to create a mobile version of your website, but there is nevertheless quite a bit of work involved in the process. Fortunately, scores of third-party developers out there have developed highly customizable platforms that allow for easy design and mobile optimization of your company’s website.

Some services online offer mobile optimization for your website for a small monthly fee. The trouble with that is the company usually shrinks down your existing website into a tiny eyesore of a mobile site. Customers are beginning to expect great graphics, ease of use, and push-button functionality in every website they visit on their mobile devices.

When you’re in charge of a company, learning how to create and develop a mobile website may seem out of the question. The third-party tools can make it doable, yes, but oftentimes there’s simply not enough hours in the day to devote to learning mobile web development and running your biz.

At Big Bamboo Marketing, we get it. We know it’s tough to juggle your business while simultaneously keeping up with the evolving nature of the ‘net. That’s why we’re here to help. Our mobile web design service will create a great-looking mobile website for your biz and optimize it to entice the visitor to take any number of actions you may desire, such as making a call, texting, sending an email, or obtaining directions to your business.

Check out the pricing page for more details, and let us worry about getting your site mobile-ready so you can get back down to business.