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Why You Should Be Using Google Plus

Google Plus is one of the most effective social marketing platforms ever. It combines ease of interacting and sharing with the power of Google search to provide a powerful mix that can extend your reach and build authority. Below is a fantastic infographic by explaining the stats, benefits, and best uses of Google Plus […]

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5 Google Plus Infographics

5 Google Authorship Infographics

Google authorship is becoming more of a ranking factor as search continues to merge with social. And the big G is placing more and more weight on Author Rank when deciding where to rank content in its search results. The following is a great set of infographics that I found in an article by Ann […]

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Top 200 Ranking Factors Featured Image

Google’s Top 200 Ranking Factors

With the onset of yet another algorithm update, Penguin 2.0 has been released in an effort to combat web spam. As SEO continues to evolve, Google takes more and more into account when determining if a site is worthy of front page rankings. Below is a very informative infographic from Backlinko that details the top […]

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Social SEO Strategies

The Social SEO Universe

As SEO becomes more dependent on social signals, a new term has emerged. “Social SEO” is a combination of traditional SEO plus social media where interaction with real people is clear. Below is an infographic that identifies some of the statistics of Social SEO strategy. You can download a free report titled “Social SEO Strategies: […]

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Google Plus Content Strategies

64 Google Plus Content Strategies – Infographic

Like this infographic? Grab a proven framework for content marketing that works from Copyblogger.

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