• Video Marketing Service

    If you haven’t already used video marketing for your business, you’re missing out on a medium that stands to explode your online exposure and work wonders for your bottom line. Unleash the hidden power of the Web’s most valuable untapped resource to reach more potential customers and spread the word about your biz.

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  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media enables businesses to connect with their customers on a highly personal level. In today's world, a strong and recognizable brand spread across the largest social networks is critical for online business success. There’s simply no better way to get the word out about your biz and make connections...

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  • Local Search Marketing

    People search for local businesses differently. It’s a fact. Your small business must show up on the first page of websites such as Google, Yahoo Local, Bing Business Portal, and Yelp to catch the eye of potential customers. They’re typically not going to dig to find what they need, so it’s imperative to find a way to get to the first page of results.

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  • Web Design

    You need a unique website design to set your business apart from your competition – especially if you’re operating locally. The right web design is also critical because it’s what will make or break your chances of visitors taking the action you want them to take, such as calling, getting directions, or submitting a contact request form.

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  • Mobile Web Design

    Mobile devices connected to the Internet are set to outnumber both desktop and laptop computers by 2013. Mobile searchers aren't just browsing... They're looking for something specific. If you want to be the answer they’re looking for, you need to make sure you have a well-designed, lightning-fast, mobile-optimized website ready to go.

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"It is always a great thing when you hire someone to do a job for you and they do what they promise, when they promise, for a reasonable price, and always give you more than you expect." Mike O'Connell
Danford Barton Real Estate

"“Bradley is an expert in just about everything to do with online marketing and social media. He's creative and enthusiastic in coming up with ways to grab attention on the internet for your business. I would highly recommend him to any business that wants to grow through social media, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other online marketing methods including SEO to optimize your web presence.”" Roxanne Batson
TSP & The Clicker Girls

"“Bradley's incredible insight into market strategies for small and mid-size business has helped my own consulting business grow by leaps and bounds in recent weeks. He has several mind-blowingly simple methods to help small businesses get ranked quickly on the major search engines, and it's all White Hat and will survive any sort of future Google update. I recommend a small business should combine his SEO methods with the mobile and video marketing services he offers. I haven't taken advantage of them yet, but they are as solid as Big Bamboo's SEO techniques -- your competition will be left in the dust. I'm looking forward to additional (and frequent) future interaction with Bradley. I only hope he continues to share his leading-edge small biz marketing strategies with me!”" Sherm Stevens
Invision Studios

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""The future of marketing is marketing with people, not at them." ~ John Morgan

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